PT BENTENG API TECHNIC adalah Pabrik/Supplier/Distributor Semen Cor Tahan Api (Castable Refractories)-Semen Tahan Api (Fire Mortar)-Industri Batu Bata Tahan Api,Supplier Castable SC-12,Castable SC-13,Castable SC-14,Castable SC-15,Castable SC-16,Castable SC-17,Castable SC-18,Low Cement Castable LCC-160,Low Cement Castable LCC-170,Plicast Super Hymor 1600,Plicast Super Hymor 1700,Plicast 31,Harga Bata Api ,Bata Tahan api SK 30,Bata Tahan api SK 32,Bata Api SK 34,Bata Api SK 36,Bata Api SK 38,Distributor Batu Bata Tahan Api,Distributor Semen Castable,Toko Semen Cor Castable/Super Hymor/Plicast/Plibrico,Daftar Harga Semen Castable,Daftar Harga Batu Bata Tahan Api,Cara Pembuatan Batu Bata Tahan Api,Bahan Dasar Batu Bata Tahan Api,Bahan Dasar Castable,Pengolahan Bata Api,Komposisi Batu Bata Tahan Api,Komposisi Semen Cor Castable,Bata Api Untuk Pabrik Gula,Bata Api Untuk Boiler,Bata Api SK 30,Bata Api SK 32,Bata Api SK 34,Bata Api SK 36,Bata Api SK 38,Castable C 12,Castable C 13,Castable C 14,Castable C 16,Castable C 17,Castable C 18,Jual Beli Batu Bata Api

PT.BENTENG API TECHNIC,Specialist Refractory ,Insulation ,Mechanical & Electrical

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  1.         Tunnel Kiln in Roofing Tile Industries
  2. Roller Kiln in Ceramic Industries

  3. Re-heating Furnaces in Steel Plant Industries

  4. Melting & Holding Furnaces in Aluminium Industries

  5. Smelter Plant in Cooper Smelting Industries

  6. Water Tube Boiler Furnaces of Power Station Plant

  7. Takuma Boiler Furnaces in Sugar Plant Industries

  8. Boilers Furnaces & Incinerators in Pulp & Paper Industries

  9. Boiler Furnaces in Plywood & Timber Industries

  10. Water Glass & Glass Furnaces

  11. Rotary Kiln in Cement Plants

  12. Fluidized Bed Coal Furnaces Boilers

  13. Chain Grade Coal Furnaces Boilers

  14. Fixed Bed Furnaces Boilers

  15. Incinerators & Boiler Maker Industries

  16. Hot Gas Generator & Reformer in Petro Chemical Industries

  17. Liquid Waste Incinerators Petro Chemical Industries

  18. Solid Waste Incinerator in General Industries

  19. Laboratory Furnaces in Cooper & Gold Industries

  20. Laboratory Furnaces in General Industries